Monday, October 10, 2011

flying by

Every year, the High Holidays are the end of September/beginning of October. And it's always nuts with school, work, and trying to play catch up when I have to take off because of my religion. Plus, the holidays have been going from Wednesday night straight through until Saturday night, which is a long time to be cut off from my computer, cell phone, and tv.

But I really do love it- I get to relax with my family, and actually spend time with them, with no distractions. One thing I am not a fan of is sitting in services for hours! But I started passing the time by cataloging and breaking down everyone's outfits (besides for when I'm praying of course!) The pieces people think are okay to wear to services ASTONISH me.... talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly!

This fall, luckily, a lot of designers have come out with appropriate outfits. You should never show too much skin in a house of worship, and I try to follow the either/or rule: I can either show a little cleavage or wear something really tight- never both in one outfit. It keeps my clothing congruous with the environment without being stuffy.

Both New York and Co and Express have really impressed me this season with their wide array of viable options. They have gorgeous separates that work for services, interviews, work, and even dates! (If I ever have one again :/)