Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(early) friday favorites

So tonight is the start of Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year) and since it goes until Saturday night, I wont be able to post on Friday, so I figured I would do it early.
I have done A LOT of shopping this week- there was no way I could pass up the great deals I found- but I think my favorite thing is the adorable elephant ring I bought at the Accessory Warehouse. It was my first time at the store, and I walked out with 6 belts and my super cute ring, all for only $18!

The belts were all mixed in on a giant table with tons of overflowing bins, and you really had to dig through to find anything. But I think it was worth it ;)

They also have bags, clutches, wristlets, hats, scarves, and wallet, all super low priced.

Friday, September 23, 2011

friday favorites

Like I said before, I have been sick all week, but still going to class and work (mostly). So I was looking for something cheerful that would brighten up my day. I found that with NYX' super bright eyeliner!

I first heard of NYX from the make-up artist who made my family gorgeous for my sister's wedding. She used the baby blue on my top lids, and it stayed throughout the whole affair- even when I cried! She told me it was cheap and available at most drugstores, so I had to go get my own. I just bought the beautiful turquoise, and a single swipe makes my day that much better!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

comfy AND cute

Since I've been sick, all I have wanted to do is wrap myself in a blanket and watch NCIS. But that's not an option for me, so I've been living in cardigans and scarves. This gives me the warm wrapped in a blanket feel, but still looks polished and put together.

Throwing on a scarf with any outfit adds instant pizazz, but putting it on with a slouchy cardi is totally fall. Especially with the changing weather, a scarf is a great option because it adds a layer of warmth without being too bulky or too hot when the sun decides to burst out from behind the clouds.

I went on Polyvore and created a set with 6 different cardigans/dolmans with scarves, all under $50! Let me know which one you like best

comfy and cute

Saturday, September 17, 2011

friday favorites

I spent ALL day in bed on friday, and still managed to forget my friday favorites post. In my defense, I was asleep almost the entire time, and burning up with fever, but still.
Thursday night, I came home from school and work to a giant bag from Stein Mart on my door. My mom, knowing how busy I was and how rundown, bought me a super cute raincoat!
This is the perfect friday favorite, especially with the forecast calling for rain 4 out of 7 days next week.
The raincoat she picked out is this heather grey with a subtle metallic sheen. It is a belted trench with two zippers on each pocket and an asymmetrical zipper up the front and giant silver buttons. It fits perfectly, and is cute enough to wear even when its not raining!
I have been searching for a picture, but can't find one as of right now. I will find and post one soon, cause this coat is just way too adorable to not share.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY Christian Louboutins

Like I mentioned here, here, and here, I decided to handmake crystallized heels for my sister's wedding.

Here is how you can make them too!

You'll need:
1 pair of heels (these can be whatever style you want- plain pumps are easiest)
1 pair of tweezers
4-7 tubes of superglue (i found the gel was MUCH easier to work with)
4 tubes of .55 mm crystals (or whatever size appeals to you; these are what I used)
2 bags of .4 mm crystals (optional)

1. Put down newspaper to protect your work surface, just in case the superglue leaks

2. Lay one heel down on its side so that the back is facing you

3. Spill the larger crystals out onto the table, and turn them so they are all facing up (this makes them easier to grab and place)

4. Gently squeeze a line of superglue along the edge of the shoe, as close to the sole as you can get, about an inch long

5. Using tweezers, pick up and place the larger stones around the edge of the shoe, pressing down to make sure they stick

*It is totally optional to use the larger stones to form a base. I found it easier, and this way the other stones stayed in place, plus it looked nice. If you choose not to, still do steps 3-5, just with the stones you want to use*

6. Continue making a single line of stones, all along the bottom edge of the shoe. Make sure the glue is dry before you lay it down, otherwise the stones will shift

7. Once you go all the way around, put the shoe aside to dry and repeat steps 2-6 with the other shoe.

8. After that first row is dry, you can continue making rows of stones going around the shoe, until the entire shoe is covered. I chose to go around horizontally because I felt it would fit better on my shoe- but the choice is yours.

Of course, the rows didn't fit perfectly, and the lines didn't always match up, but the end result is so stunning no one even noticed!

I used the tubes of crystals from A.C Moore's celebrations section, and it was $4.99 per tube- the amount of crystals in each varied. One tube had only about 250, another had over 500. The bags of the larger crystals were $2.99 each, also from A.C Moore. I actually found the superglue gel at the Dollar Tree, where I got 3 tubes for $1!
2 bags of crystals: $6
6 tubes of crystals: $30
2 packages of Superglue: $2
heels: old pair of never-worn silver shoes I bought from Spring, back when I worked there, I don't think I paid more than $15 for them

So after 14 hours (hopefully it will take you less time! keep in mind, the bigger crystals you use, the less you'll need to buy, and the quicker the shoe will be covered) and around $60, not to mention multiple glued fingers, I had my incredible, amazing, sparkly, fantastic shoes!

over 2,000 crystals later...

My shoes are finally done!
I finished them in time for the wedding- which I am still gushing about two weeks later- and they were so incredibly gorgeous. I could not be any happier with how they turned out.
Unfortunately, some of the stones fell off during the reception, but no one noticed, and I had some spare crystals and superglue in my clutch (but I was too busy dancing to bother with it then)
This is just my post bragging about my handiwork- in the next post, I will give step by step instructions - complete with pictures- about how to make them for yourself!

how amazing are they???

Friday, September 9, 2011

friday favorites

This past week has been crazy!! We had a floorset Wednesday night where the entire store was updated with all new merchandise, which took forever to do. Everyone is still shopping for back to school, so the store has been insaneeee and I have been working every day, all day. Plus, I also went back to school on Tuesday (but more on that in the next post)

With that being said, I haven't had the time or the energy to go shopping this week- SHOCKING- I was worried about my friday favorites post, but then I realized that thanks to the floorset, there was super cute stuff in the store to buy! I wanted this turquoise animal print dress as soon as I saw it in the catalog, and we finally got it in the store. It has a navy blue slip dress underneath that is form fitted and silky smooth, and the bright colored chiffon dress is just perfect for the September weather. I love that it is long enough for me to wear to synagogue, but still cute enough for me to wear out at night. The deep v-neck in the slip dress is slightly revealing, even though it is covered by the dress. I will probably wear a bandeau or something under it so my cleavage isn't on display for everyone. This picture doesn't really show the details of the dress well, like the slight gather on the shoulders, or the button hem of the sleeves, but it is beyond cute! I am having some trouble figuring out what shoes to wear with it, but when I do wear it, I'll definitely upload some pics.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

mea culpa

I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted, and that I missed Friday Favorites (seen here, here, and here) In my defense, this past week has been crazy!! First Hurricane Irene almost completely destroyed my sister's wedding- more on that later- then I worked 36 hours in 4 days and have barely had time to breathe, much less sit and post.
I did just buy my first pair of Tom's, which I am super excited about. They are simple and comfortable, and versatile while still being cute. But as much as I love them, I am considering bedazzling them. They are plain black, which is part of their appeal, but I'm a girl who loves her sparkles! I just don't know if it's worth it. I think I'll buy a knockoff pair from Tilly's, only $15!, and bedazzle those, and leave my real Tom's untouched.

Do you ever buy knockoffs?