Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favorites

I decided to use this blog as an excuse to buy at least one new thing every week- so that I can write a Friday Favorite!
My favorite thing this week is my peacock necklace from dELiA*S . Unfortunately, it isn't available online (yet?) but since I work there, I was luckily able to snag the last one!

Lately I have been drawn to animal jewelry. I fell hard for an octopus ring from a little boutique in Collingswood, but every time I went to buy it, the store was closed. After the 4th time, I was about to give up, but we went one last time and the store was open. But the ring was not as cute as I remembered: it was huge and kind of cheap looking. That is something hard to avoid when shopping for animal jewelry. A lot of it looks trashy and even gaudy, but there are some places that carry cute items:
Forever21 has a peacock brooch , an owl ring (for only $2.80!), a rose tusk pendant , and tons more.
Buckle has a rhinestone turtle ring, an elephant ring, and a lion ring.
Francesca's Collection has a lovely peacock bangle , a sunbathing elephant, and wide eyed owl earrings.
Slightly more expensive, but still absolutely adorable is Nordstrom- crab studs, rainbow fish ring, and a peacock necklace to rival my precious purchase.

Every website I visited had multiple peacock items, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings in a wide variety of metals and colors, and tons of owl options- both of which are big for back to school and the fall. You can buy a bunch of different pieces or invest in a single high quality item, but you're definitely going to want to get on board with this fun trend.

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