Thursday, August 11, 2011

Straps not so perfect?

A problem I have always had in the summer is trying to decide whether or not to tie back my bra straps when I wear a racerback tank top. I know it is extremely trashy to have my straps just hanging out all the time, but can I get away with it? I always wear another tank top underneath, so its not just my bra showing, but also the straps of my non-racerback tank too.

I did buy the Dollar Tree version of the Strap-Perfect ($1 for 4! and they come with two clear, one white, and one black) and I realized that I tend to use them more often in the winter and spring. During the summer, I either care less, or don't want to wear as many layers? Plus, a lot of my summer clothes are either chiffon or burnouts, so they are see-through, meaning anyone could see my strap-perfect. Is that any less trashy??

SweetiePie on writes on "The Great Bra Strap Debate" and gives a bunch of options for avoiding this classless look.
What do you do in the summer to hide your bra straps?

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