Thursday, August 4, 2011

dresses for every season

Summer is the perfect time for dresses! They are light, easy to throw on, and don't require much to look super cute. (But to be honest, I can find reasons for why every season is perfect for dresses) Today was rainy and cool in the morning, so I threw on a summer-weight cardigan over my babydoll dress from H&M, and then once the sun started shining, I just took it off and added a belt. So simple and yet so very cute!

There are tons of inexpensive dresses out there, especially now that the summer is winding down (WHERE DID IT GO!??!)
Victoria's Secret on sale for only $19.99!
Forever 21 has pages and pages of options, most for under $20, and even some under $10!

The best part about dresses are that even the most summery dress can be layered and turned into a fantastic winter ensemble.

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