Saturday, September 17, 2011

friday favorites

I spent ALL day in bed on friday, and still managed to forget my friday favorites post. In my defense, I was asleep almost the entire time, and burning up with fever, but still.
Thursday night, I came home from school and work to a giant bag from Stein Mart on my door. My mom, knowing how busy I was and how rundown, bought me a super cute raincoat!
This is the perfect friday favorite, especially with the forecast calling for rain 4 out of 7 days next week.
The raincoat she picked out is this heather grey with a subtle metallic sheen. It is a belted trench with two zippers on each pocket and an asymmetrical zipper up the front and giant silver buttons. It fits perfectly, and is cute enough to wear even when its not raining!
I have been searching for a picture, but can't find one as of right now. I will find and post one soon, cause this coat is just way too adorable to not share.

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