Monday, September 14, 2009

vmas- what were they thinking?

I was lucky enough to go to MTV's VMAs yesterday... And it was amazing.

I got to see everyone and was even on tv briefly.

But as crazy as it was with Kanye West and Lil Mama, the clothes people wore were even crazier!
Sequins were everywhereee- skirts, shirts, shoes, hats, gloves, and oddly enough, even on some people's faces.
There were as many hits as there were misses- Kristen Stewart finally got it right with her pixie cut, cute dress and matching high heels; Katy Perry's make up was flawless; Taylor Swift could wear a paper bag and look incredible, but she rocked both a sequined dress and a short red dress; Adam Brody was clean cut and gorgeous. And then there was Amber Rose's snake skinned body suit, Perez Hilton's painted hands, Asher Roth and his mustache, J-lo's velvet shrug, Fefe Dobson's whole outfit, Alexa Chung and her old lady dress...
And dont even get me started on Lady Gaga. There is a difference between creative and crazy.

Speaking of crazy, what was going on with everyone's hair? Kanye's maze, Leighton Meester's poof, Perez's fiery mohawk, Joe Perry's Cruella DeVille do,Lil Mama's braids, and of course Lady Gaga. I didnt even recognize Cassie because of her crazy half shaved head, half full ponytail- and I sat right behind her!

And that was just the celebrities. I was a seat filler so I had to wait in a holding room for hours with a couple hundred people all waiting for their chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. I couldnt believe what they were wearing- sequins, corsets, tutus, netted hats, gloves, full on 80's half tops and high tops, and clown bow ties. I dont understand how people can leave the house looking such a mess. Its called a mirror people, use it!

But on a serious note, it was probably the best night of my life. chace crawford touched me and said im beautiful,adam brody smiled,waved and said thank you when i said i love you,I sat behind diddy and in front of adam samberg and told adam I loved his music, I got kicked out of my seat by lil mama, and saw gaga, jack black, kanye, beyonce, shakira, leighton meester, tracy morgan, taylor lautner, rob pattinson, kristen stewart, jlo, pink, and kristin cavalleri up close and personal! Plus I was on tv! Thank you so much to 1iota for letting me go!

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