Tuesday, September 15, 2009

who am i?

You might be thinking, "who the hell is this girl and what qualifications does she have?"
Formally, none. But I've loved clothes and shoes and fashion as long as I can remember, and I think a slavish obsession to Vogue, Cosmo, W, Allure, Glamour, and People has taught me more than I could possibly learn sitting in a classroom.
Some people are good at basketball, some excel in academics, and others are gifted with a great voice. I was better at cheering from the bench than scoring baskets, my gpa last term was nothing to write home about, and my voice shouldn't be heard outside of the shower. But I have a natural talent with fashion. I'm that girl who can shop in Goodwill and come out looking like I spent thousands of dollars. I'm not trying to brag, just be honest.
From when I would change my Barbie's clothes upwards of 10 times a day to taking my little sister to the mall and picking out her new "look", this has always been something I loved. I couldn't explain to you how I know what looks good together or why, it's just instinctive. I don't have to try clothes on to know how they will look, I can see it all in my head.
I love being able to pick out a new persona for the day and dress accordingly. It's the best part of going into work every day. I can be a Blair Waldorf one day, Lauren Conrad the next, and Rachel Bilson the day after. If I want to be a ballerina, or a punk rock prom queen, or sexy librarian I can. I dress for myself- I don't care if you don't like it, it's my opinion that matters. And that's how it should be...

Clothes should make you happy and feel good. It sounds so cliche but every person is beautiful in their own way. I want to help you show the rest of the world what makes you beautiful.

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